Yandex Ranking Factors Grouped and Summarized

URL Structure

  • Numbers in URLs is bad for rankings
  • Too many slashes in URLs is bad for ranking
  • Keywords in URL are ranking factors

Reliability and Hosting

  • Host reliability is a ranking factor
  • Less 40x/50x errors you have, the better for your organic traffic

PageRank and Optimization

  • First factor in the list – PageRank
  • Hard pessimization equal PR=0 (If your page rank is zero, i.e. you have no backlinks, you will be downgraded – similar to sandbox)

Content Quality and Age

  • Document age and last update both are ranking factors
  • The quality rank of texts on the domain is a ranking factor (similar to Google’s sitewide quality score, domain level ranking factors)
  • There’s a ranking factor for content quality, such as broken images, broken embedded video on the page.

Backlinks and Anchors

  • Backlinks from main pages are more important than from internal pages
  • If your backlinks anchors contain all words from the keywords – it’s good for SEO
  • Ratio “good” vs “bad” backlinks is a ranking factor (bad = backlinks that anyone can create themselves, because spam algorithms have been trained to ignore these)

Special Factors

  • Special ranking factors for short videos (tiktok, shorts, reels)
  • Maps js-api on page (for example Google Maps) is a ranking factor
  • There is a separate ranking factor for uplifting Wikipedia
  • Verified accounts on social networks ranks differently as other urls
  • Bookmarks ranking factor


  • Average domain position across all queries is a ranking factor
  • Crawl depth is a ranking factor
  • Additionally: ranking factor for orphan pages
  • Number of search queries of your site/url is a ranking factor
  • Traffic from Wikipedia is a ranking factor
  • If your URL would be the last for the search session (user will find what he needs) – it would impact rankings
  • Percentage of CAPITAL LETTERS

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