SEO Perth Prices?

Perth SEO Prices – Affordable vs Expensive SEO Costs


To help your business succeed, a coherent digital marketing strategy will increase your targeted traffic.

Many Perth business owners are now looking to invest in SEO that actually works. But how much does SEO cost?

We will look at the cheapest and most expensive SEO Perth prices, and what you need find the right SEO service for you?

SEO Perth Prices

The cost of SEO in Perth varies depending on what’s included.
Most SEO projects in Perth during 2020 cost between $1000-$2,000/month based on the scope of the project.
A one-off project will range between $3,000-$15,000+ and hourly rates for SEO consultants costs between $100-$250/hour.

When asked how much SEO you cost, you need to be able to relate to the different pricing structures for different types of SEO services. If you are looking for an SEO service that include local SEO or E-Commerce SEO then refer to the pricing table below.

How much does it cost to get on the first page of Google?

Here comes the most dreaded SEO answer: It depends. In all fairness, if you asked a mechanic how much it is to fix my car without showing him the car, he would also have to say… it depends 😊

Prices to get ranked in Google depends on the following factors:

  • How many backlinks your competitors have
  • How many articles your competitors have
  • How many hours of technical SEO fixes your website needs

On average you can expect to get SEO results in 6 to 8 months. This means you can multiple your monthly SEO budget by a factor of 6 to 12 to get an overall cost estimate:

  1. Local SEO Perth Costs: 8 months * $800/month = $6,400 AUD
  2. E-Commerce SEO Perth Prices: 10 months * $1500/month = $15,000 AUD
  3. Competitive SEO Perth Costs: 12 months * $2500/month = $30,000 AUD

Why is SEO so expensive?

Let’s be real. SEO is expensive. To better understand the cost and the value that SEO can provide we need to look at your competition.
If your competition has invested in SEO for a long time then you need a larger SEO budget and vice versa.
When you talk about how much SEO will cost you, you’re not talking about putting your money into paying – per – click advertising. What you are referring to is the cost of improving organic traffic to your site by optimizing its rankings in search engines, particularly Google.
Before we talk about the average cost of SEO services in the Perth, we should be aware of how SEO agencies charge fees.
This should help you to get an idea of what kind of costs you can expect and what you can expect.
What you need to do now is determine whether there is a cost difference between different types of search engine optimization services such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Is SEO a waste of money for Perth businesses?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a concept that’s familiar to most business people. Only a percentage them know how it works and the way that it might impact their business.

Let’s look at the following statements about SEO and see if we can learn more about SEO costs and the return.

– SEO can create hundreds of new leads for your business.

These enquiries will continue year after year, even when you stop your SEO campaign. This means even long after the initial investment into SEO. This momentum enables new content and product offerings to rank much easier as well creating even more leads.

– The money spent on SEO is a total waste.

The first page rankings for keywords in my business are too competitive. I have paid an SEO agency for years and never saw any results. We do hear this often from potential clients that had bad experiences with dodgy SEO providers. SEO can be a waste of money when you don’t have the right partner.

– My old SEO agency failed to increase traffic to my website

My keywords tanked and went from page 1 to page 5. I then spent extra money trying to fix the problem which felt like throwing good money after bad. In the end, I started a brand new website and had to lay off some staff as well. Don’t talk to me about SEO.

These are the differences between common agency marketing claims and reality. After reading these statements you understand the difference that an SEO partner can make. That is why it’s so crucial to understand how to choose an SEO agency. In conclusion, the above examples show why cheap SEO can be so expensive.

The mistakes that cheap SEO providers make can take a long time to fix and all the money you paid them has gone to waste.

How much money do SEO consultants make?

At first glance, Ahrefs data shows that the average hourly rate for an SEO agency is somewhere between $100 and $150 per hour. The SEO hourly rates are usually between 50 and 250 dollars per hour, but it is still much more.

If you need this kind of immediate result for a website with very low visibility, you can benefit from complementing your SEO efforts with paid advertising. If you want to pay SEO lessons, it may be advisable to hire a consultant, hire an agency to perform an SEO audit, and then pay an hourly rate for certain SEO services, depending on your needs. Once you get into business, expect a significant increase in hourly rates for your search engine optimization (SEO).

Remember that most sites start to see the results of SEO initiatives at least a few months after the implementation of the changes, if not sooner.

SEO specialists can provide a long-term, continuous service by maintaining the SEO of your website on a monthly retailer. According to popular SEO software, monthly retailers cost an average of $800 to $3,500 per month. When you hire an SEO expert, ask your consultant about the cost, which can vary depending on the size of your website and the level of expertise of the consultant and his expertise.
We charge you a fixed fee per month to constantly monitor and edit your SEO campaign, and we charge a monthly fee of $1,000 to $2,500 per month for the privilege of constantly monitoring and working on SEO campaigns.