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There are a lot of great Perth business networking groups right now.

We have compiled a list of the best business groups in Perth and compared them for you.

A saying goes like this: “What you are looking for is in the hands of another person”. This can be business opportunities, money, experiences, luxury life, friends, etc. 

All these are within reach of someone else, and what better way to get them than to go out and meet the people who have them? This is where networking comes in. 

Many people shy away from networking, but those who know the real benefit of this activity have seen great rewards for themselves. 

Networking in simple terms means “connecting with people“. Business networking, on the other hand, is more specific. This is building mutually beneficial relationships with other people within your network/field/locality.

For any Perth business owner, growing a great network can be the lifeblood of a successful business or career. 

In the following you will learn about Perth’s best networking groups.

There are great options for all Perth suburbs, free and paid groups.

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Business Groups for Women

We have research the best business networking groups for women in Perth, WA:

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Business Groups North of the River

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Business Groups South of the River

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Benefits Of Joining A Business Networking Group

First, you should know that the real benefit of joining a business networking group is relative to individuals. 

For example, Mr A might want to join a business networking group to increase sales. In comparison, Mr B might want to join a business networking group to meet professionals just like himself and be in a community of like-minded individuals. 

Whatever your intentions are, you are not wrong as long as they’re good intentions and won’t be of harm to the next person. 

But in all, here are some top benefits you get from joining a networking group.

  1. You get to connect your business with other businesses. Maybe you need a business partner, or you want to merge your business with another within the same industry for bigger opportunities. Networking groups allow you to meet people who think the same way.
  2. You build relationships with other professionals like yourself.
  3. You receive business advice from top performers in your industry. Please know that all advice isn’t good advice for you. Some might be good, and some might be bad. That’s why you should know which ones to filter away and which one to keep.
  4. Business networking helps with your market research.
  5. It also helps to increase your knowledge. Networking with other business professionals can lead to faster business growth and development.
  6. You get referred to other professionals like yourself and meet with potential investors.
  7. Networking with other businesses (and business professionals) helps to grow your company’s exposure/visibility.
  8. It develops a sense of community for your business and also for you as a professional. This is important because when the odds are against you or your business, your community can step in to help.
  9. You can enjoy membership benefits and rewards.
  10. It helps to boost your confidence and self-esteem. 
Business Network Conference

How To Get Started With Business Networking

1. Select a group based on your criteria

Most people don’t want to travel too far and don’t want to pay too much for a business networking group. Please checkout our comparison table to find a group that meets your needs.

2. Attend your first event

Most Perth business networking groups offer free entrance to your first event, so that you can see if it’s right for you.

3. Signup for a membership

Once you like the vibe of the group, get ready to signup for a monthly or yearly membership. Some groups include breakfast/coffee in the membership, as well as business training events.

4. Become a regular/thought leader

Regular attendance and thought leadership is important to build long lasting business connections.

You may also have the opportunity to lead a seminar on a topic of your expertise.

List of Business Networking Groups in Perth

Find the best and most active business networking events and groups in Perth, Western Australia.

This will help small business owners or professionals in Perth know about groups or events they can join.

1. BNI Western Australia

Location: Various Perth Suburbs

Website: News WA | Perth

This is a community of business owners who focus on referral networking for success. This group has existed for over 35 years and is considered Perth’s finest. It is also an associate under Wanneroo Business Association, the North Of The River business association. 

2. District 32 Business Networking

Location: Throughout Perth’s suburbs

Website: |

Like BNI, the group is a member of the Wanneroo Business Association. It is a free public group with over 600 members. This group is for business owners who are looking for an enabling environment for their business to thrive and also grow as a person. 

3. Beer & Beef Club 

Location: Situated in Various Locations


This group is situated in various locations but has a major presence on Facebook. Meetings are held once every month, and members get to enjoy great conversations while having nicely made beef and beer. 

The group’s core values are friendship, enjoyment, and loyalty — great values for building excellent business relationships. 

4. The Perth Networking Club

Location: Perth


This is a public group with a presence on Facebook. This group is for business owners or working professionals leveraging referrals for opportunities and mentorships.

5. Net Zero Network

Location: Perth, WA


This is a public group with over 240 members with a presence on Facebook. This group is for people focused on decarbonisation.

6. Facilit8 Networking Event

Location: Perth


This is a Perth event group for growing companies and small businesses. The joining fee is 220 AUD, and the monthly membership fee is 160 AUD.

7. Perth Small Business Meetup

Location: Perth


Perth Business networking with over 1000 people with a presence on Facebook. This group is for small business owners looking to build relationships and work with like-minded individuals.

8. Perth Referral Partners (PRP)

Location: Perth


PRP is a referral business networking group that also focuses on helping small businesses have a solid foot in society. It is a paid business networking group where you pay 30 AUD monthly. 

9. Networking Referral Group (NRG)

Location: Perth


NGR is a paid networking group in Perth that focuses on building a strong community for small businesses to thrive. Through the group, you can gain local referrals and strategic alliances. Every member is encouraged to support each other. 

NGR has an annual fee of 199 AUD. However, you can pay a monthly fee of 19.95 AUD.

10. Networking Group Perth

Location: Perth


This is a paid subscription business networking group that focuses on providing excellent business networking opportunities for local business owners and entrepreneurs. The group encourages complementary businesses to build business referrals and confidently support each other. 

What To Expect From Business Networking 

  1. You will meet people with the same interest as you.
  2. You will introduce yourself and exchange contacts with people.
  3. People will meet you to build long-term relationships.
  4. You will often get called by people you exchange contact with. Don’t panic; that’s how relationships are built.
  5. Your confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth will improve, especially around these people. 


1. How do I start networking for my business in Perth?

By Joining networking groups or events listed here on our Perth business networking guide. All the groups mentioned are great options and we encourage you to try at least two or three groups before settling on one.

2. What are Business networking groups?

Business Networking groups are groups created by professional individuals in relative fields with the sole purpose of building business communities, growing their contacts, fostering business relationships, etc., with like-minded professionals in their field or diverse fields.

3. What is the most important factor in business networking?

Building strong business relationships with individuals in your business group. Regular attendance and offering value first also help to build trust with your business partners.

4. How important is networking?

To be successful in business or your career doesn’t just depend on your skills alone but also on your network. Networking can help bring new/better opportunities in your career, which can facilitate how successful you are.

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