E-Commerce SEO Agency

You have finally designed and launched your e-store. It looks very beautiful, and now you are ready for business. Congratulations!

Unfortunately, you are not attracting as many customers as you hoped. Why is it so? It’s almost like your store is a ghost town — no one is visiting. You have no website traffic, but you took the time to design your website and make it attractive. So what went wrong? 

You are missing out on a powerful ingredient — Effective SEO strategies. 

You see, your task as a store owner or an entrepreneur doesn’t stop at just launching an online store and expecting an outpour of sales. That online store needs a solid SEO plan to set it on the path to success. 

Existing and potential customers may never see your products if you don’t implement the appropriate SEO strategies needed to drive sales. The right strategy starts with your website. Hence, implementing e-commerce SEO services helps drive sales to your business. 

Ecommerce SEO Agency

What Is Ecommerce SEO and Why It’s Important For Your Business?

E-commerce generates more traffic to your website by optimising it and making it visible on the search engine result page (SERP). One of the greatest dreams of every e-commerce store owner is to rank as high as possible. 

You attract a global audience when SEO strategies are correctly and carefully optimised and utilised. This, in turn, results in a high traffic drive and an increase in sales. 

An optimised website covers your keyword use, whether your web store is friendly, and the tech set-up of the website. 

E-commerce SEO is essential for online businesses because it offers easy access to the customers displaying the products they need and want. An optimised site is a free ticket to successful sales. As an online store owner, when e-commerce is done rightly, you outrank your competitors and create better visibility for your products. 

Why Do Ecommerce Businesses Need SEO? 

All e-commerce businesses need SEO; it is the life force of every online company. Ecommerce statistics show that over 2.1 billion people shop online. Additionally, there are between 12-124 million e-commerce stores worldwide. 

With this many stores, it is easy to get your e-store website swallowed up and completely unnoticed. If you want to stand out and make a great impression on your visitors, then you need SEO strategies to survive. Other solid reasons include: 

1. Connects You With High-Value

It is no secret that businesses on the first page of a search engine appear more authentic than those on the third or fourth page. Your website’s SEO tactics and strategies associate you with high value as a user. SEO services provide you with trust among your potential customers about your e-commerce website. 

2. Shoppers Improve Your Online Visibility 

Any SEO agency’s first knowledge is that SEO gives you a presence online. SEO is your answer if you’re interested in improving your visibility online. The era of word-of-mouth marketing dominance is long gone; SEO now does the trick. 

With e-commerce SEO services, you attract traffic to your website, thereby increasing the number of shoppers. 

3. It Is A Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy 

The cost-effectiveness of SEO makes it one of the best digital marketing strategies. An e-commerce company helps you cut costs and, at the same time, earn more money. 

Your customers can make purchases from any part of the world anytime. The expenses involved in physical stores all over the world are drastically reduced. 

4. Provides Long-term Revenue 

E-commerce SEO strategies needed for businesses are not short-lived in terms of revenue. Consistency provides long-term gain for you. 

As you continue to work your way in the SEO strategy, you increase your traffic and drive shoppers to your site. The outcome is therefore increased revenue. 

Our Specialised Ecommerce SEO Services 

As an SEO agency focusing mainly on  Ecommerce, we have highly specialised services catering to Ecommerce SEO. Our focus is to use the best SEO strategies to give your online store more visibility. 

1. Website Audit 

We analyse your website to identify issues and find errors. We examine the performance of your page and give solutions on how to increase its performance. 

2. Advanced Technical SEO 

With eCommerce SEO, you can improve your site’s usability. In optimising your site structure, we adhere strictly to your search engine practices. Our SEO specialists resolve your technical issues, increase your mobile responsiveness and website speed, and optimise your product detail pages. 

3. Custom Ecommerce SEO Strategy

We use extensive keyword tools and SEO expertise to create a list of highly searched keywords based on search volume to target. This helps to boost your brand visibility and improve customer experience. You can easily promote your products with the assistance of a trusted eCommerce SEO agency. 

4. Keyword Research And Optimisation

Our eCommerce SEO experts help with keyword strategies that improve your online visibility and attract leads. We analyse and determine the most relevant keyword for your target audience. 

We use keyword research to identify words you need to include in your content. Implementing these keywords into your website is as essential as the research. They are used in homepages, page titles, meta descriptions, image alt text, product descriptions, and otters. 

5. Product Page Optimisation

All pages need optimisation. For your product optimisation, we’ll make sure that each page on your product page has a title and is keyword-rich. 

We explain the products so that they rank high in search results. The product images are also needed. We optimise the images for SEO

6. Content Strategy and Production

We will optimise content and plans and create content calendars. You can attract your customers with the right web content. 

We have skilled writers in charge of creating content for your stores. These writers will create attractive product descriptions, review responses, guest posts, product reviews, and other social media marketing posts. 

7. Link Building 

Whether internal or external, link building helps your site. Your website needs a proper linking of content from one page to another within your website. 

8. Monthly Reporting 

We share the monthly reports showing content creation, statistics, and completed and upcoming tasks. At the end of every month, a review of the forthcoming month’s strategy takes place, and an assessment of the previous month is also done. The goal is to attain success. 

Why Choose EcomExperts For Ecommerce SEO Services?

Ecom Experts is a full Ecommerce SEO agency. We have a team of SEO experts that specialise in ensuring your online store has a strong visibility rank in the search engine results page. 

1. Decades Of Experience

We have been in the business of aiding e-commerce stores with unquestionable expertise. We have many years of experience which gives us the needed confidence to handle e-commerce SEO. 

2. Proven SEO Techniques

SEO techniques have yielded tremendous results, and we apply product level. We’ve used our clients’ testimonials on the website. 

3. Sales Driven Ecommerce SEO Campaigns

We have generated real-time results and a performance-driven strategy to drive results. A lot of revenue has been developed using our SEO. We assist in expanding operations, building product lines, and growing one’s team. 

4. Personalised Ecommerce SEO Services 

Our SEO experts go deep into learning about your business and industry to give you the best result. This ensures a formidable relationship between our team and your company. 

You can get in touch with us to discuss how we can transform your e-store to be search engine friendly.

Our Ecommerce SEO Service Plans


$ 2500 per Month
  • 10 pages optimized
  • 2 new article briefs
  • Phone call tracking
  • Revenue & Sales tracking dashboard
  • --
  • Guaranteed ROI
  • Clear & Transparent reporting


$ 5000 per Month
  • 20 pages optimized
  • 4 new article briefs
  • Phone call tracking
  • Revenue & Sales tracking dashboard
  • Speed optimization included
  • Guaranteed ROI
  • Clear & Transparent reporting


$ 8000 per Month
  • 40 pages optimized
  • 8 new article briefs
  • Phone call tracking
  • Revenue & Sales tracking dashboard
  • Speed optimization included
  • Guaranteed ROI
  • Clear & Transparent reporting


1. How Do I Get More Traffic To My Ecommerce Store? 

  • Publish blogs or articles.
  • PR is a great way to spread awareness.
  • Use emails
  • Spend money on paid search.
  • Participate in social media.
  • Optimise your website for organic search


2. Which Ecommerce Platform Is Suitable For SEO? 

The best e-commerce platforms suitable for SEO include BigCommerce, Shift4Shop, Woocommerce, and Volusion. 


3. Should Every Ecommerce Business Do SEO? 

Yes, every e-commerce business should engage in SEO to attract more sales. 


4. How Much Does Ecommerce SEO Cost?

E-commerce SEO costs an average of $1000 – $10,000, depending on the SEO efforts. 


5. Is An Ecommerce SEO Worth The Time And Cost Investment? 

Yes. With the right Ecommerce SEO strategies, you can get a higher ROI. Your objective is to bring as much traffic to your e-store as possible. The more traffic you have, the more chances of increasing sales.


6. Do We Need Ecommerce SEO For Our Website? 

Yes, e-commerce SEO is needed for websites. 


7. Will SEO Help My Business Increase In Revenue? 

Yes, SEO can boost your sales by driving traffic to your site, implying an increase in revenue. 


8. How To Improve The SEO Ranking Of An Ecommerce Website? 

  • Create good meta descriptions
  • Make use of Canonical URLs
  • Be Original in Your Product Descriptions.
  • Place site performance first.
  • Let Search Engines Read Reviews.


9. How Does Ecommerce SEO Benefit My Store? 

An e-commerce store increases customer engagement, better visibility on search engines, and more traffic and sales. 


10. How Long Would It Take For My Ecommerce Website To Be Listed On Google?

To rank on Google may take months, say four months. However, ranking high on Google may take months or even years.