Ecom-Experts: WooCommerce SEO

You can switch your WordPress website into an e-commerce hub with WooCommerce. WooCommece is a great ecommerce plugin for WordPress and an excellent platform for SEO. This comes as the site is an SEO-friendly site.  

Since WooCommerce is an e-commerce platform, you must find an e-commerce SEO agency that is experienced to help maximise sales on the website. With WooCommerce SEO, you drive traffic and enhanced conversions, increasing your business revenue.

WooCommerce SEO Services to Boost Your Store Traffic and Conversions

WooCommerce SEO services help you to boost your store’s traffic and increase your business conversion rates. Though it takes a long time to rank your business on the search engine result page, the time it takes is worth it. The effects and benefits are long-lasting on your interaction with consistency. 

Best WooCommerce SEO Strategies

1. Using an SEO Plugin

Utilising an SEO plugin increases your website traffic and helps optimise your search engine. The Yoast SEO Plugin aids your WordPress site to improve your SEO. With the Yoast SEO Plugin, you select the right keyword for each page on your website. 

2. Never Use Duplicate Content

Avoid duplicating content on your WooCommerce website. Though difficult, try creating a unique product description for each product. Be creative with your descriptions, and allow originality to take root rather than copying another site. 

3. Use Rich Snippets

Rich snippets enhance the look of your listings on search engines. By including rich snippets, pages will have more HTML, giving users detailed information about the page’s content.

4. Organic Traffic

You can attract organic traffic using Google Analytics. You can create reports, metrics, and dimensions depending on what you want. 

5. Good Site Structure

A good site structure for your store contributes to a great user experience, and a site crawled over by search engine bots. In maintaining your site structure, ensure that the product page and content are constantly linked, categorise each type of product on a page, and avoid having so many drop-down menus. It distracts your users. 

What is WooCommerce SEO? 

According to statistics, there are over 5.1 million live websites that use the e-commerce platform. Therefore, there is a high tendency for your store to go unnoticed. 

Fortunately, there is WooCommerce SEO. WooCommerce SEO is a sure way to stand out from your competitors and climb to the top pages of your search engine result page. 

With the aid of WooCommerce SEO, your store can rank high; you can generate organic traffic and improve your customers’ experience. The endpoint of this is to drive more sales. 

WooCommerce SEO allows your company to rank high. By ranking high, you can attract more customers to your e-store. WooCommerce SEO optimisation is not easy and takes a lot of effort; however, it is necessary for all businesses. 

Why is SEO Important for WooCommerce Stores? 

WooCommerce stores need SEO tactics for the simple aim of getting more revenue. However, you can achieve more revenue through many other benefitting processes for your business. If your business is way down the rank on the search engine result page, there is no way your existing and potential customers can see you. 

It is safe to say that the best way to keep being on top is through SEO in your WooCommerce stores. With a WooCommerce SEO expert agency, your company’s ranking shoots up, you drive more traffic to your website, and you improve your conversion rate. 

Our WooCommerce SEO Services

At Ecom Experts, we offer various SEO services to help boost your WooCommerce e-store.

1. WooCommerce SEO Strategy 

WooCommerce is SEO friendly, making it easier for you to optimise your store and for search engines to locate your products. We access your site and develop the most efficient and effective strategy necessary for you to rank high. 

2. Website Quality Audit 

We conduct quality auditing of your website to develop the most efficient SEO tactics for your business. This is done to ascertain issues wrong with the website, why your website is not ranking, and a proper plan to tackle the problem. A website audit’s main benefit is optimising your website for search engine result pages and users. 

3. Competitor Research

A competitive market analysis is conducted to stay on top of your industry and ensure your products are constantly the industry standards. We research the significant competitors in your industry and gain insight into their sales and marketing tactics. This research gives a clearer insight into how your competitor works and helps set you on a path to outshine them. 

4. Technical Audit

We carry out a technical audit to ensure compliance with policies and procedures in the area of technical operation. We cover the technical aspects of your business and ensure that it is not a hindrance to your ranking high on the search engine result page. 

5. Keyword Research

Our keyword research involves analysing search items popular in search engines as they relate to what you are offering. 

Our keyword research strategies provide you with valuable keywords. These keywords offer valuable insights to your target audience and help them while searching on Google. These keywords must be applied in your meta description, page title, and product description. 

6. On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is sometimes called on-site SEO and involves optimising web page ranking and attracting organic visitors. This involves optimising your headlines, images, HTML tags such as the meta, title, and header, and then quality and relevant content. 

7. Link Building

Whether internal or external, link building is essential in optimising your website. Links are one of the basic ways search engine algorithms determine the importance of a page. The use of links and backlinks ascertains a website’s meaningfulness. You can link one or more posts from you and posts from other websites. 

8. Content Creation 

We help you plan your posts and blogs, decide the content format, strategise, imbibe keywords and then produce the content. 

9. Measuring And Tracking 

We measure the process and performance of your campaigns. Your SEO strategies are tracked to ensure they are in the proper order and method. 

Measuring and tracking are essential for knowing whether your SEO strategy is working, achieving the desired result, and taking notes and cognisance of areas where you need improvement. 

Why Choose EcomExperts for WooCommerce SEO? 

1. Decades Of Experience

With our many years of experience in SEO strategy and optimisation, we stand as a better choice for your WooCommerce SEO services. As SEO experts, we see a more suitable choice for your WooCommerce SEO needs and place your website on a high rank, thereby driving traffic to your sites. 

2. Proven SEO Techniques

We have many success stories associated with our services. These success stories are from our proven SEO techniques. With EcomExperts, you cannot lose. 

3. Sales-Driven WooCommerce SEO Campaigns 

The sole aim of WooCommerce SEO is to drive sales and traffic. Therefore, we are only concerned with creating campaigns that drive traffic to your store, thus increasing sales and revenue. EcomExpert is a platform that can afford you the revenue you need. 

4. Personalised WooCommerce SEO Services 

We also customise your WooCommerce SEO plans according to what you need, want and choose.

Our WooCommerce SEO Service Plans


$ 2500 per Month
  • 10 pages optimized
  • 2 new article briefs
  • Phone call tracking
  • Revenue & Sales tracking dashboard
  • --
  • Guaranteed ROI
  • Clear & Transparent reporting


$ 5000 per Month
  • 20 pages optimized
  • 4 new article briefs
  • Phone call tracking
  • Revenue & Sales tracking dashboard
  • Speed optimization included
  • Guaranteed ROI
  • Clear & Transparent reporting


$ 8000 per Month
  • 40 pages optimized
  • 8 new article briefs
  • Phone call tracking
  • Revenue & Sales tracking dashboard
  • Speed optimization included
  • Guaranteed ROI
  • Clear & Transparent reporting


1. Is Woocommerce Good For SEO?

Yes, WooCommerce is great for SEO because it helps your website rank high on the search engine result page. 

2. How Much Do Woocommerce SEO Services Cost? 

WooCommerce SEO services can be charged on an hourly basis. The hourly rate is $150-500 or even more, depending on the client. 

3. Will SEO Help My Business Increase In Revenue? 

Yes, it increases sales and helps you maintain a strong web presence. 

4. How To Improve The Seo Ranking Of A Woocommerce Website? 

  • Optimise page titles
  • Write meta description 
  • Make the website navigation simple
  • Avoid duplicate contents
  • Create original product descriptions. 

5. How Long Does It Take To See SEO Results On Woocommerce?

It can take months and sometimes years. 

Increase Your Online Revenue With WooCommerce SEO 

EcomExpert is an SEO agency willing and ever-ready to offer you e-commerce services. There is no backing down as we are fully committed to our duty and aim to see you with significant long-term revenue. Contact us for WooCommerce services.